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Monday, August 22, 2022

Jute/burlope creation

 Love trying any type of handy craft I see on line, and found many beautiful flowers baskets on tricycles. So I tried out a creation with jute meterial and cords. I thinkit was not bad for a first time creation 🙂

 Blogging again after a long time

After my laptop broke down I could not do any blog postings as it was not possible from mobile phones. But recently I came to know that blog posts are possible from mobile. So I will start Blogging again snd hope you would like my posts 🙂

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Paper dolls

 Kusudama paper dolls

 Old CDs and DVD creation

 Bonsai tree created with twisted copper wires 


The phoenix Bird
A creation with discarded CDs and DVDs

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Doodle quilling

It's been ages since I did a quilling. No much time for hobbies now but just manage to do this picture with all my balance paper strips.

Started with no proper design at all but as I went on, I could not but enjoy doing it. I know it isn't much of a design but I had full satisfaction in doing it.

May be I have kept away from quilling too long and this would make me start doing it again

Anyway hope some of you at least will like it 😊

Friday, May 12, 2017

a few hand made greeting cards

a few of my hand made greeting cards. Taken some time off from large creations to make use of my punchers

Monday, April 17, 2017

How to create quilled designs with a multiple designer tool

 sprig of leaves created with the tool
20 pins are supplied with the board. The size of the leaf can be changed by the row you select to insert the pins. The size of each leaf on the sprig will be the size of the gap between the two rows .
 To create a sprig of leaves with a single strip of paper follow this method. You need do have uneven numbers of pins on a side. Here I have used 11 pins on each side. Pass the strip of paper the way I have shown. It is the same as my previous tutorial. Here I am showing you how to use this board.

Remember to use a pin to use glue to paste one side only like shown in the picture on the left side of the row of pins
When you feel the long strip on the left is glued well,very gently take it out.

It will look like the picture here
 Here you should remember that there are uneven number of petals. So one side should have one extra.

Very gently push onside up and the other side down. With a few practices you should get it wright
 Now fold it from the center of the point that the leaves divide to the opposite directions

glue the center, and you have a sprig of leaves
These are a few that can be created in this method.

  I don't really know what this  board is called or who is the manufacturer. I found this item when surfing for online purchases and I ordered it. May be you can look for quilling tools. It is a small plastic board about 4'' by 4'' and comes with 20 pins to fit the holes.

I will be posting more designs created on this when I have invented by experimenting. So till I am back try to surf and see if you can find this board . I ordered it from Ali Express

Monday, March 13, 2017

Garden on the hill and flower maid

I love landscape quilling. specially gardens and vintage ladies. This is about the 10th landscape quilling I have done. took me about a week cause the flowers are so small and it took time as it was a strain on the eyes and fingers as well. I hope you like it as I do

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Macow on a Pine tree

As I got interested in quilling again and with a whole lot of left over strips from earlier quillings, just thought of doing a simple picture

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Love is in the air is my Theme

 No 1 is a quilling of a pair of Toucans. The male toucan is trying to draw the attention of the female on the above branch

No 2 is a pair of  Giraffes in a very romantic mood

No 3 is a Peacock and hen . I have done a similar quilling long time ago

No 4 is tweeter trying hard to impress tweety with his love talk

No 5 Is a couple of swans whispering sweet nothing as all couples in love

Love is in the Air was the theme of a quilling group who was having a challenge competition and wanted me to be the artist of the month. I had not quilled for about 2 years now and was in two minds if I should accept it or not. My fingers had not been working on quilling for some time and I was not sure if I had lost touch of it but it was an inspiration to start again. So I started with the swans which I know is not too good but went on with the peacock then tweety and and the giraffes and last,  the toucans

 So here is my new quillings for you to judge . Hope to do more this year though God knows what I am going to do with all my quillings

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Quilled table decoration

A variety of quilled flowers in glass bowl  

Paper Dolls (Kusudama foldings)

Sharing a creation of one of many hobbies of mine. It is a paper doll created with wrapping paper. It is about 8" tall. The method of folding is called Kusudama folding art. You need square papers of various size to create this .I have used 2"x 2",3"x3" and 12"x12" square papers to create this. Hoping to create many dolls like this in the future

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Creative quilling of leaves and flowers with corned beef can opener

Here is another new tutorial of quilling petals for flowers and leaves that I invented with a corned beef can opener.
Just chip off the top of the key from near the cut so it will look like "Y".
Now doesn't it look like a quilling needle ?
That is all you need to create the beautiful card I have done on this video.
Now all you need is strips of paper and glue to create whatever you desire with this tool in the way I have shown
Even little children could use it for kids creations. This is my experiment and invention like all my other tutorials.  Hope it would help you but please show some respect in not duplicating as your idea cause it has happened to me and many more quillers who are kind enough to share there ideas with others ungrudgingly.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Anastasia (Annie) Wahalatantiri: Quilled flower decor for centre table

Anastasia (Annie) Wahalatantiri: Quilled flower decor for centre table: Thought would take a break from wall hangings & do a table decoration. The flowers could be protected from dust and fading beca...

Quilled flower decor for centre table

Thought would take a break from wall hangings & do a table decoration. The flowers could be protected from dust and fading because of the glass cover. The case is expensive but with all the trouble taken creating such a delicate project, I think it is worth and can be sold at a good price for people who appreciate hand creations and who knows how hard it is to create such dainty flowers. Hope you enjoy looking at it and get an idea too may be to turn out something nicer :)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Queen Nefertiti in Quilling

Queen Nefertiti Queen of Egypt & wife of Pharoah Akhenaten during the 14th centuary BC

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Quilling after some time. Sorry dear fans don't quill very often now as involved in other commitments. will try to create more quilling often in future. This is another quilled garden in summer done to be gifted to my sister. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Frescos of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka in Paper Quilling

                                                                                                                                                                        A little bit of history on Sigiriya for some of you who do not know about it (article from the Book Sri Lankan  history)                                                                                                                                                  
        Sigiriya being a fortress, had been well designed for its defenses by having ramparts and moats built around it. There are several approaches to the inner city and the most prominent is the Western entrance. From the summit of the rock, the land areas up to distances of tens of miles can be watched making it hard for the enemy to make a surprise attack to the kingdom.
King Kassapa had reverted his fortress to an ecological wonder by having Royal Pleasure Gardens, Water Gardens , Fountain Gardens and Boulder Gardens made inside the inner city as well as at the palace premises on the Rock summit.
The most renowned is the Sigiriya Rock Paintings or Frescoes of Sigiri Damsels locally called as ' Sigiri Apsaras' painted on a Western Rock face cavity about 100 meters high from the rock base .There now remains around 21 paintings of Sigiriya Damsels but there had been around five hundred paintings during King Kassapa's time along several other places of the same   Western Rock face                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   This is one of the largest wall hangings I did in quilling. It is 24'' by 18'' and I have been quilling around 3000 little bits for the picture. The frescos are very old and the colours are not very visible, so I have used my own colours. I bet the paintings may have been multi coloured and very bright cause even after many years of being exposed to sun and rain, they still look beautiful. It took me about a month to complete & wasn't very easy either. Hope you like it

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pianist in quilling

A picture I quilled for a girl who is a pianist. Would have like to do a better job but she gave me a few hours only as she had a presentation to be done and this picture was included in it. So just had time to quill the girl & bit of the piano only.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ballerina in Quilling

Ballerina in quilling is not much of a creation but it is to be given as a gift to a ballet dancer who teach little kids dancing in kindergarten . The photograph I took of it is not that perfect too but I bet the real one looks much nicer .lol. My first quilling for 2015 and in a long time too. Hope to be more active this year. Happy quilling dear friends & visitors. Wish all of you a prosperous 2015

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quilled Cottage & Garden in Summer

Back again after a long break. Been quilling a lot of cards and qulling a wall hanging got delayed, but here I am back a with a sweet memory in quilling.  I was on a tour of the Alps & the beauty of the countrysides in Italy & Switzerland in September was awesome. Loved most the wooden or brickwall little country cottages with the window boxes in full bloom in various colours of flowers which is not to be seen in my country (Sri Lanka). The little gardens with so many variety of beautiful flowers looked like a dream to me. I just wanted the memories to last for ever in my life. So this is the outcome of my memory. The dream house.

 the size of it is 32 × 25 cm
It took me almost 80 hours to complete. Every little detail is in quilling. Wish I had more variety of coloured strips. There are places that the strip are as thin as a thread cause it is a 3D quilling. You may notice it if you look closer. I think I love this the most, of all my creations.