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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This is a card of left over quillings. There were leaves and flowers that I had quilled for various other projects. Mostly they were experiment quillings. I still have loads of them. These are quillings I do when I don't have  ideas  for any craft projects and have nothing better to do. I did this flower arrangement, to show the many followers who are trying out my leaf on my video, the proper way to place the leaf. Note, in the picture all my leaves are arranged with the veins  going down. If you take a look at a natural leaf you will see that all veins go down . Hope this picture helps you when trying out the leaves :) 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Vortex quilling - Butterfly & flower

As I have run out of ideas for quilling, I have taken a break from it and now going on to another, of my Hobbies. But while surfing the net. I came across this tutorial of Vortex quilling, which is done without a tool. I did this card following the instructions from it. If you too need to try it out, which is quite easy, Google for Vortex Quilling. It will take you to Quilled Creation, and Alli's blog. There are easy to follow instructions with pictures.
Happy Quilling :)