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Monday, April 23, 2012

Little Poo and Pigy

Just a little picture made to be gifted to a friend who liked my earlier quilling of Poo Bear very much. The framed picture is just
6" x 4". The quilled picture looks more colourful than the photograph. I wish I could have got a better shot. Hope my little friend would like this. May not have time for another quilling for April or May as I will be taking a break from my craft and going off on a tour. Will come back with new ideas of quilling soon :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Creative Quilling - PEACE DOVE

This picture is just a time killer. I was cleaning my messy table and found  lots of black strips of paper all over it. Was wondering if I should throw them away but made up my mind that I should use them to create something. So this is the result of it. The dove should have been in white, but I had to make use of the black strips. My friends on facebook thinks it does not matter, so hear it is flying around my blog saying, Hi !!, to you :) Hope you like it. Happy quilling till I am back with a something new

Thursday, April 12, 2012

IT'S SUMMER (Quilled)

A painting of this picture was posted on facebook by one of my friends. Loved it the moment I set eyes on it. It was a unique painting of a girls face at a glance and then the beautiful flower and leaf arrangement. It was so artistic that I made up my mind to quill it as my next  project. I named it as "IT"S SUMMER" cause it is the time of year that flowers are in full bloom in my country. Hope you like my quilling. Will be back soon with the next. I should thank the artist who painted and shared this picture too.