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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quilling on an egg

This is my first attempt of quilling on an egg. Monica Bergeron from Giddy Greetings has done some very beautiful quillings on eggs. It inspired me to do one too. A friend on face book had done ribbon embroidery on an egg too which I admired a lot. So thought why not give a try.

I first made a very small hole on the egg and took out the contents after which I had to wash it several times with warm soap and water and let it dry. As usual the strips are 1/8" cut from A4 coloured paper. The quilled designs of the petals and flowers are all my own creations. That is what I do when I am not busy with a project. I play around with strips of paper twisting and rolling till I have got some design that I could use on a new picture. I very rarely use a quilling tool.
I collect all the little quilled pieces so I don't forget the design and  use the patterns for a new picture. It took me about 3 hours to finish as I had to be very very gentle in handling the shell so it would not break and ruin my whole effort. I wonder how long it would last as I will have to find a safe place to keep it with out breaking:)
Quilled egg in a case
This is a case I made to keep my quilled egg safe from getting damaged. Guess how I did it. Simple. As I said before I am a junk collector and always find my junk coming handy. This is a plastic throw away bottle. I cut off the top and covered it with a rigifoam, pasting a red paper on it. Cut off the bottom to get the egg in and covered it too with a rigifoam. So... now my egg is safe:)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I have been so lucky this month and I feel important and happy about what I have achieved or rather of what other bloggers think and rate my blog. Three very important blogs have highlighted me this month.
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1 - Monica from Giddy Greetings has chosen me Artist of the Month (Feb.2011)
     Thanks Monica, I am so glad and it is a wonderful surprise too.

2 - Aljona from White Raccoon handicraft blog has awarded me her blog Award.
      http://blog.whiteracoonthank/      Thank You dear Aljona for the nice
    comments and award. I am so happy to have it.
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3 - Angela from has awarded her blog candy too.

Thanks Angela for the lovely comment and award. I am really happy to have it

I am so pleased and thank you dear friends

Friday, February 4, 2011

Popup card for a Valentine

Every person who could make a card is very busy making cards for Valentine Day. So I decided to make  a card too. It is a  popup card. The one on top is how the card looks when it is closed. Got the Idea of the pop up heart while surfing the net for new Ideas. This gave me an opportunity of trying out my new card punches too:)