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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas at home

Hi friends, followers and visitors, I wanted to share a few pictures of the Christmas decorations I created. I love doing this for Christmas as it gives a wonderful feeling, though I have to have a watchful eye on the tree when the little kids come. I see the happiness in their little faces when  the tree is lit up and my little musical crib playing Christmas carols. It makes me so happy  to watch them.

Friday, December 23, 2011

New Year greetings

New Year greetings, a photo by anastasiaw2008 on Flickr.
Hi Friends, just managed another quilling to finish off the year. I dedicate this card to all my followers. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments and support from all of you and for following me. To all who never fail to comment on my postings, and to all the lovely people around the world who dropped by my blogthis year , and keep on visiting over and over. You have all been a great strength in my creative side of life. Would try to bring you more improved quillings in 2012 and hope you would support me the way you did in 2011. It was a good year for my arts and craft. Got to know many wonderful Quillers from around the world. I hope you would visit and support me in the coming year too the way you did in the past. LOVE YOU ALL ♥♥♥

Merry Christmas to all Christians who visited my site. Happy holidays and a bright and prosperous 2012

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas greetings 2011

My creation for the festive season. This would be my last quilling for 2011. I take this oppertunity to wish all who stop by my blog a very happy Christmas and a bright and prosperous 2012. Hope you like my creation. Started out to create a sledge with Santa and Rudolph. But the card project came in between and as I had to finish those, gave up on the sledge. I hope you like this :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Card project

 My PC went dead and I was really in a fix.Sent it for repairs and was wondering what to do when my sister wanted me to help out a friend who was working with a NGO, to create some greeting cards to be sold as a fund raiser for underpriviledge kids. So made use of my time to do a little bit of good deed during the festive season to brighten up some little hearts. I hope people who receive a card would like it ♥.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Eveil Fairy & Owl

I call her the evil fiery, because my quilled picture looks like she is planning something evil with her friend the owl. When the printed picture appeared on a friends page, I thought it would be beautiful for quilling and commented on it. Paula my friend and a few others too had the same thought. So we agreed to quill it. Paula and myself kept our promise and hear is my picture. Paula, you did a great job too. Love it. It is beautiful. I wanted to frame it and gift it to some one for Christmas. So I thought it would be nice to spice it up by adding some leaves to it. Hope you like my picture. Will be back with a christmas quilling. Take care and happy quilling till we meet again

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sweet Leaves Blog Hop

Hi friends, to day is Sweet leaves Blog Hop. I am sure you all would enjoy going through all the blogs that are participating in this very interesting blog hop. Make sure you do. It would give you a lot of new ideas. I am eagerly waiting to see what the others have done cause they are all expert quillers and I am sure they would have beautiful creations. I enjoyed quilling leaves for this blog hop.There is just one which is a card I made for mum and is a Ikebana leaf arrangement. All the rest are different shapes of leaves you could make use of. No matter from which blog you arrived hear,  make sure you visit all the other blogs in the list below. Hope you like what I have posted and  enjoy browsing through. Will be back soon with another post . Have fun and take care :)
SANDY, THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME THIS OPERTUNITY.  There are many very talented quillers and handy craft artists in Sri Lanka and I wish they would make use of the internet to show the world their talent


Jenniferhttp://www.creative quilled


Friday, October 28, 2011

Quilling - Halloween Card

As Halloween is coming up and many many beautiful quilled creations and had made cards are to be seen, I too wanted to create something small. Too many scores around the house which I ignore when absorbed in quilling to be done and no more quilling for a while. This card did not take much time. So the next post will be the "Sweet Leaves Blog Hop" on the 4th of November which I think over 20 quillers are participating. So don't forget to drop by to see the many different leaves in quilling. See you then :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quilling - Sharks Tale

Looks like Romeo of the sea is having a problem. Both of them are in love with him and he is enjoying the moment. He says "girls, stop fighting over me. I am not the only fish in the sea". But his smile shows that he thinks he
 I really liked this movie and wanted to quill some of the characters in it. As usual the strips are 1/16" and the papers are cut from A4 sheets. Hope you like it

Diwali Greetings 2011

Diwali Greetings 2011 by anastasiaw2008
Diwali Greetings 2011, a photo by anastasiaw2008 on Flickr.
Wishing all who are celebrating Diwali good health, happiness and prosperity.
Happy Diwali friends!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Crazy Quilling :)

I called this crazy quilling. I saw a beautiful picture of a wall hanging in one of the quilling books I went through at the annual book show this year. It was a  very creative paper art. Now I know that this is called  multi scrolls, the name I found out very recently on face book. Did not know how exactly it was done but being a person who never gives up till I find out how it is done, I experimented with many strips pasted together till I mastered it and went on none stop, thrilled that I got the art correct.

This Picture was not planed at all. I kept on pasting what ever I made till I got this picture. Makes me really laugh cause the very first comment I got on face book was "beautiful onions".I think the name fit. Now you are raking your brains to think where on earth I got those colours :). Since I was only experimenting, I did not want to waste my strips of paper. So I cut a magazine which had very colourful pictures into 1/16 inch strips and made these scrolls and it really came out fine. Now may be I will use up all the pages for quilling. In case some of you may not know the method, it isn't difficult. Paste about 10 to 15 strips together at both ends and roll up one end. You would get a lovely shape. Try it. It is fun. Good luck and happy quilling till I come up with another quilling :D

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Black,Grey and Pink

Black,Grey and Pink by anastasiaw2008
Black,Grey and Pink, a photo by anastasiaw2008 on Flickr.
Face Book has many wonderful quilling groups that exchanges lots of helpful ideas and views . My account on face book is purely to share and learn from other quillers and crafters. It is a very friendly and enjoyable place to exchange ideas on various topics. There are many groups with large number of members. One such Quilling group has a theme every month and October theme happens to be Black,Grey and Pink.

Was wondering what could be quilled with this colour combination and came up with this idea. I think it came out better than I expected. A large design would be beautiful as a wall hanging

Via Flickr:
Designed & quilled for a theme (BLACK,GREY,PINK) on the group EQG on Facebook

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Card for Sis plus guess who ?

This card is specially  for my sister for her birthday. We are two sisters who do anything from needle craft to cooking and bakeing plus anything and everything a house wife needs to know and do. But while my extra passion is for crafting, her passion is for  dressmaking and she is very professional at it. She stands one step a head of me cause she makes money with her talent and I do it only as a hobby. 
I need to make use of all my punches that I bought. You may see more of my punch cards in the future. Not giving up quilling. Will come up with an interesting picture soon. Quilling it at the moment. Posting one item from it hear hope you like it :D

Monday, September 19, 2011

Special Greeting Cards

These two cards were made with  left over strips and  goes into my collection of hand made cards. So many quilled cards and pictures. What am I going to do with them? Most of my cards are experiment quilling designs. I have used only 18" strips of paper. Even for the bunch of blue fringed flowers. There are 9 little flowers in the bunch. Did not take much time to do the cards. It is to make use of my free time till I think of something special to do. Hope to come up with something different soon ;)

Friday, September 16, 2011

King Fisher

King Fisher by anastasiaw2008
King Fisher, a photo by anastasiaw2008 on Flickr.
I saw this beautiful bird sitting on the telephone wire just out side my window where I work. I took a photograph of him and started quilling it. The bird had just dived into the pond of my neighbour and its wings were all fluffy. I wanted to quill it the same way. The back ground picture is my imagination.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Card for Susan

Card for Susan by anastasiaw2008
Card for Susan, a photo by anastasiaw2008 on Flickr.
This card was supposed to be for a crd challenge on face book, but I could not post it on the due date. Anyway it was meant to be a greeting card specially for Susan of "Susan Quilling Card" which was on the 9th of September. I have used the boarder punch, quilling and cut work on paper which is also called paper, lace cut work

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This is a card of left over quillings. There were leaves and flowers that I had quilled for various other projects. Mostly they were experiment quillings. I still have loads of them. These are quillings I do when I don't have  ideas  for any craft projects and have nothing better to do. I did this flower arrangement, to show the many followers who are trying out my leaf on my video, the proper way to place the leaf. Note, in the picture all my leaves are arranged with the veins  going down. If you take a look at a natural leaf you will see that all veins go down . Hope this picture helps you when trying out the leaves :) 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Vortex quilling - Butterfly & flower

As I have run out of ideas for quilling, I have taken a break from it and now going on to another, of my Hobbies. But while surfing the net. I came across this tutorial of Vortex quilling, which is done without a tool. I did this card following the instructions from it. If you too need to try it out, which is quite easy, Google for Vortex Quilling. It will take you to Quilled Creation, and Alli's blog. There are easy to follow instructions with pictures.
Happy Quilling :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cleopatra Quilled

Roman History has always been my favourite reading. I love all movies of the Old Testament. Cleopatra is one of those movies that I would love to watch over and over and never get bored of. It was a challenge to my self to quill this beautiful queen who was so famous not only in her time but in our time too. It wasn't easy quilling. So much paper wasted. I quilled so many shapes and discard them till I was really satisfied with it. I did the face thrice before I settled for this pattern. The quilling pieces for the bird too had to be done several times. It wasn't like quilling flowers or animals. It had to be so close to the real painting if I had to call it Cleopatra. I think I did justice to the picture. May be she will like it if she could see it from where ever she is. Hope you would like it too ☺


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cart of Flowers

I try to post a creation of mine at least once a month, and this is my post for July. The idea of a cart of flowers, was from an embroidery book I came across. But the cart and flowers are all my creations. The 7 big flowers are made with three long strips of 12" +1/16" in a weaving pattern. and all the rest are done in a way that the professionals and expert quillers, would call husking. No quilling needle is used for any design in this picture. It took me about 20 hours to complete. The shadow in the umbrella is real, because it has the real shape of it.I quilled it first on a cellophane and shaped it in to an umbrella before pasting on to the picture.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Niyagala Flower better known as Glory Lily

The Glory Lily is the national flower of Zimbabwe. It grows mostly in jungles. The flower is extremely colourful and beautiful, but never grown in home gardens. Not in my country anyway. If eaten, it is as deadly as cyanide. There are many true stories about people committing suicide by eating the yam of this plant and I myself have come across a young boy who had a fight with his parents and died by eating it. It happened many years ago.
I wanted something to quill but not anything that would take long. I have this little crimpler that I made with my sons LEGO car wheels and was just crimpling some left over strips when I got this idea of the flower. The hardest part of my quilling is the idea of what to quill. Since I don't like doing what someone has already done, I need something different always. Creating it did not take long. The strips of paper is 1/8 inch. I needed just three colours. Red, yellow and green. It isn't a difficult flower at all.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quilling with cold porcelain on a cake.

My first attempt of quilling with cold porcelain.
My earlier porcelain flowers were done with ready made clay that I had to pay quite a high price. As I was too much into quilling just wanted to try out something new.It was something new but still involved quilling. This creation is with a cold porcelain recipe that I found on Gemini Arts & craft. The ingredients was the same but I microwaved it instead of cooking on stove.The clay came out better than I expected and I am so happy with it. My next idea is to do it with sugar paste. If it works out, I am out of all my other hobbies ☺. I really need to make use of my talent instead of just doing it  as a hobby. May be I will start a business. This was not easy quilling as paper. It cannot be twisted and turned as paper. It has to be handled very gently and take much more time to quill than paper. But I am happy that I achieved it, to an extent with cold porcelain. Only hope it can be done with sugar paste too. I will give it a try   
I will give you the link to the Porcelaine dough receipe I used.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Created for Mothers Day 2011

This Picture is a dedication to all mothers. Especially the Queen of all mothers, THE BLESSED VERGIN MARY whom I have great faith in. It was one of a picture that my mum had received from her sister when she was ill. This will be framed and preserved. The face and the hand is not quilled.

Wesak greetings

Vesak greetings by anastasiaw2008
Vesak greetings, a photo by anastasiaw2008 on Flickr.
This card is a dedication to all the Buddhist friends who are celebrating the Holy Wesak this year. I did not take much time quilling it. The tree is supposed to be a Bo tree which is very holy to the Buddhists. So you would notice the difference in my leaves from the other pictures. The moon, oil lamp, Bo tree and lanterns are symbols that is associated with Wesak

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Bunny with his collection of eggs

This was to be my quilling for Easter but due to unavoidable circumstances could not complete it in time. My little bunny was out collecting eggs, and lost his way in the woods. He was found by a giant bird, crying sitting on a stone in the middle of the woods, where lots of beautiful flowers were in full bloom. The big bird was really sorry that the bunny would not be able to go home in time for Easter. He was a friendly guy but foolish too. So not only did he give bunny a lift on his back  but gifted an egg that his mum had just laid. Little bunny is  happy  with the big egg. Mum is going to be so happy and not be harsh on him for being late. But his friend big bird, may have a lot of explaining to do to his mum on how the egg went missing. He is not going to have a happy Easter:(

This is what was in my head when I started quilling this item. I don't think I should explain about the quilling, as it is the same as all my other quilling. Hope you like it.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy New Year !!

Just a simple card to wish all who would be celebrating New Year on the 14th of April, A bright and prosperous 2011!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cards with collage designs

Two cards of collage designs, made for a friend by her request. The card on the left is made with bits of coloured stickers and the other card beneath on the left is designed with paper from a magazine. I just like variety in my work and always like to do something new. So the idea was from my niece who wanted some collage design for her class project. My friend whom I got to know on "flickr"  had seen the earlier pictures and wanted one for her too. So it is left to her to choose which she wants ☺

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Quilling/paper on lace cut card

 This card is a combination of quilling and cut work on paper. After my "COBRA MASK" which took some time to quill, I wanted to do something simple and not take too much time. The card took me about 3 hours to complete. The quilling strips are all 1/8". Bits and pieces of left overs from earlier quillings.

The other picture is what I did for my little  9 year old niece, who wanted a paper collage for her class project. Just used an old magazine to create the designs. May be someday she will follow my footsteps.My daughter has no interest in my craft, though she admires them. She is more into cake making and decorating which she is quite good at ☺

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cobra Mask

Masks in Sri Lanka are very famous for healing rituals, cultural pageants and shows. There are various masks resembling animals, birds and snakes. These are associated with the folks and religions of the ancient people of Sri Lanka and are still practised by the village folks during sicknesses they think, was caused by evil.

The masks are made of very light wood and are very brightly painted. They are hand crafted and is a cottage industry in the southern part of the country. The vibrant colours of these masks and the beauty of it made me want to try out one in quilling

This is a cobra mask which is worn to chase away  the demon from the possessed person by the man who performs and carryout the ritual.

As usual the papers are all A4 coloured, 1/8" strips. The length of each strip is only 1/2" and rolled in to equal size circles. I just don't know how many pieces I rolled, but it took me about 40 hours to complete the picture. The picture is done on 11"x 11" background cause that is the size of my frame. Next I hope to do a video of my leaves that many people are curious to know, and  is my own creation quilled my way 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quilling on an egg

This is my first attempt of quilling on an egg. Monica Bergeron from Giddy Greetings has done some very beautiful quillings on eggs. It inspired me to do one too. A friend on face book had done ribbon embroidery on an egg too which I admired a lot. So thought why not give a try.

I first made a very small hole on the egg and took out the contents after which I had to wash it several times with warm soap and water and let it dry. As usual the strips are 1/8" cut from A4 coloured paper. The quilled designs of the petals and flowers are all my own creations. That is what I do when I am not busy with a project. I play around with strips of paper twisting and rolling till I have got some design that I could use on a new picture. I very rarely use a quilling tool.
I collect all the little quilled pieces so I don't forget the design and  use the patterns for a new picture. It took me about 3 hours to finish as I had to be very very gentle in handling the shell so it would not break and ruin my whole effort. I wonder how long it would last as I will have to find a safe place to keep it with out breaking:)
Quilled egg in a case
This is a case I made to keep my quilled egg safe from getting damaged. Guess how I did it. Simple. As I said before I am a junk collector and always find my junk coming handy. This is a plastic throw away bottle. I cut off the top and covered it with a rigifoam, pasting a red paper on it. Cut off the bottom to get the egg in and covered it too with a rigifoam. So... now my egg is safe:)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I have been so lucky this month and I feel important and happy about what I have achieved or rather of what other bloggers think and rate my blog. Three very important blogs have highlighted me this month.
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1 - Monica from Giddy Greetings has chosen me Artist of the Month (Feb.2011)
     Thanks Monica, I am so glad and it is a wonderful surprise too.

2 - Aljona from White Raccoon handicraft blog has awarded me her blog Award.
      http://blog.whiteracoonthank/      Thank You dear Aljona for the nice
    comments and award. I am so happy to have it.
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3 - Angela from has awarded her blog candy too.

Thanks Angela for the lovely comment and award. I am really happy to have it

I am so pleased and thank you dear friends

Friday, February 4, 2011

Popup card for a Valentine

Every person who could make a card is very busy making cards for Valentine Day. So I decided to make  a card too. It is a  popup card. The one on top is how the card looks when it is closed. Got the Idea of the pop up heart while surfing the net for new Ideas. This gave me an opportunity of trying out my new card punches too:) 

Monday, January 31, 2011

Wood Burning/Pyrography

  • This is my very first attempt of wood burning or pyrography. I  can never rest till I have at least experimented once with what ever craft I see. If it is something I would fancy then I attempt doing it again. If I don't, I just forget about it. I wanted something new to refresh myself. Quite a bit bored with quilling. Saw this piece of wood which is only 3"X7" lying a side and thought why not try pyrography. I do not think it is the appropriate wood but tried on it. The bout did not burned into the wood quickly so this is not the wood for it. Anyway I will look for the proper one before I try again. The bird is one of many that appears in the flags of our ancient kings. We had many kings ruling our country for years and they each had their own flags with fancy birds and animals.This creation of mine  does not look very nice, but I will excuse myself as it is my first attempt, Anyway thought of sharing it with you. It is left to you to judge

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quilled Rosella

This is my first craft project for 2011. Was not in a mood to get back to my craft after all the travelling and too busy trying out all the new punchers and tools that I purchased  on my way back home. Now back to my normal lonely life, where it is me my laptop and paper,paper, paper:). This picture is something that got deeply rooted in my mind while travelling through  a forest during my vacation. We were travelling at high speed and could not get a photo of it but the beautiful tree in full bloom and the multi colour parrot stuck in my memory. It might not look at all as the one I saw, but managed to quill something close to my memory. The picture is 8" X 12" and quilled with 1/8" strips of A4 coloured paper. It took me about 16 hours to complete