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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Niyagala Flower better known as Glory Lily

The Glory Lily is the national flower of Zimbabwe. It grows mostly in jungles. The flower is extremely colourful and beautiful, but never grown in home gardens. Not in my country anyway. If eaten, it is as deadly as cyanide. There are many true stories about people committing suicide by eating the yam of this plant and I myself have come across a young boy who had a fight with his parents and died by eating it. It happened many years ago.
I wanted something to quill but not anything that would take long. I have this little crimpler that I made with my sons LEGO car wheels and was just crimpling some left over strips when I got this idea of the flower. The hardest part of my quilling is the idea of what to quill. Since I don't like doing what someone has already done, I need something different always. Creating it did not take long. The strips of paper is 1/8 inch. I needed just three colours. Red, yellow and green. It isn't a difficult flower at all.