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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Leopard of Sri Lanka in paper quilling (Quilled)

Many of my friends have qilled the tiger. Some have done the full tiger and some have done the face only. My ambition was to quill a lion but my friend Paula (ON FB) had done two very beautiful quillings of the tiger's face. This inspired me to do a leopard. I usually try not to quill what someone has already done. So this seems to be a good idea. It wasn't an easy task. The picture is only 8"x12". The quilled pieces are extremely small. So many bits to be quilled but I think it was worth all my trouble. I would not quill for a while as Christmas is round the corner and it means extra work and preparations but not for long. Will be back with a Christmas creation. Have fun and add a comment if you have time :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Basket of Fruits (Quilled)

Sorry for keeping my visitors and followers for nearly a month with no posts. But you have not kept away from visiting my blog cause my visitors count has only increased and so has the followers. Thank you so much. I did not have my PC and it was difficult to get on the Internet.

A basket of fruits was on my mind for some time, but there was no motivation to quill it. With no PC, it gave me plenty of free time to quill. Hope you like it as much as my other quillings. I am on to the next project and a posting will be done soon. Thanks for all your support and comments on my work :)