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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quilling with cold porcelain on a cake.

My first attempt of quilling with cold porcelain.
My earlier porcelain flowers were done with ready made clay that I had to pay quite a high price. As I was too much into quilling just wanted to try out something new.It was something new but still involved quilling. This creation is with a cold porcelain recipe that I found on Gemini Arts & craft. The ingredients was the same but I microwaved it instead of cooking on stove.The clay came out better than I expected and I am so happy with it. My next idea is to do it with sugar paste. If it works out, I am out of all my other hobbies ☺. I really need to make use of my talent instead of just doing it  as a hobby. May be I will start a business. This was not easy quilling as paper. It cannot be twisted and turned as paper. It has to be handled very gently and take much more time to quill than paper. But I am happy that I achieved it, to an extent with cold porcelain. Only hope it can be done with sugar paste too. I will give it a try   
I will give you the link to the Porcelaine dough receipe I used.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Created for Mothers Day 2011

This Picture is a dedication to all mothers. Especially the Queen of all mothers, THE BLESSED VERGIN MARY whom I have great faith in. It was one of a picture that my mum had received from her sister when she was ill. This will be framed and preserved. The face and the hand is not quilled.

Wesak greetings

Vesak greetings by anastasiaw2008
Vesak greetings, a photo by anastasiaw2008 on Flickr.
This card is a dedication to all the Buddhist friends who are celebrating the Holy Wesak this year. I did not take much time quilling it. The tree is supposed to be a Bo tree which is very holy to the Buddhists. So you would notice the difference in my leaves from the other pictures. The moon, oil lamp, Bo tree and lanterns are symbols that is associated with Wesak

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Bunny with his collection of eggs

This was to be my quilling for Easter but due to unavoidable circumstances could not complete it in time. My little bunny was out collecting eggs, and lost his way in the woods. He was found by a giant bird, crying sitting on a stone in the middle of the woods, where lots of beautiful flowers were in full bloom. The big bird was really sorry that the bunny would not be able to go home in time for Easter. He was a friendly guy but foolish too. So not only did he give bunny a lift on his back  but gifted an egg that his mum had just laid. Little bunny is  happy  with the big egg. Mum is going to be so happy and not be harsh on him for being late. But his friend big bird, may have a lot of explaining to do to his mum on how the egg went missing. He is not going to have a happy Easter:(

This is what was in my head when I started quilling this item. I don't think I should explain about the quilling, as it is the same as all my other quilling. Hope you like it.