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Friday, June 29, 2012

Lady in the garden (Quilled)

To day I am posting once again my very first quilling project that I did in  2007 and posted in May 2009 cause that is the time I started my blog. If you look closely all the quilled bits are  not in the usual way that you may have seen in books or tutorials or even from classes you may have gone to. It is because I had never heard or seen quilling before 2009. My love and hobby from very young age was hand craft. I only had to see something and I would never rest till I did it at least once. My flickr page has pictures of all my craft since 2009. My Facebook craft album which is public  has all my craft pictures too.

One day as I was going through some books in the Arts/Craft section in a book store, I came across a little magazine with a picture of a rat. It looked like paper circles but  it did not interest me much,so I put it aside. I spend all my free time creating something and one day I had run out of all my ideas and I remembered the paper rat. I knew it was done with strips of paper, so I started twisting and rolling paper for many days till I was satisfied with the result. And the first result is the leafs on the right hand corner which I created with the comb (My tutorial on this leaf is on the blog). Now there are many who do this leaf. Some give credit to me but most don't :)

This picture is my imagination and not from any book or copied from anyone. My visitors to the blog has now increased so much, but I know many of you would not have seen this,cause this was one of my first postings three years ago. I have had many offers for this but I could never make up my mind to part with it. Hope you all would like it :)

Graphic Quilling of a Gerbera flower

A try at graphic quilling of a Gerbera flower. Not in a mood for a serious design. I will just keep on with some flowers till I make up my mind for something creative. So don't stop visiting my blog. Will be back with something you would like . May be a kids stuff :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quilled Sunflower Card

I am into experimenting some flowers in quilling, till I get a new idea for a quilling project. Sunflower is something I had in mind for a long time for quilling. I have not seen a natural sunflower. So not very sure if it looks like this. Seen some pictures on line to get an idea of how it looks. Had this lovely card with me for some time and it was a very beautiful background for the sunflower. Wish I had a better idea for the leaf as I am not very satisfied with it. Hope you like it. Next is an Orchid :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Decoretive Elephant in Quilling

Quilling with black strips gives a rich look to the picture. Specially for graphic quilling. A decorated elephant,  carries the sacred relic at religious pageants in Sri Lanka. They are very well trained to walk, like a model on a catwalk. The temple elephants even offers flowers at the temple. My picture is that of a elephant offering flowers before he joins the parade. Hope you like it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quilled in Black and white

I could never put my quilling tools and strips aside and take time off my quilling. I try putting them aside when ever I complete a large project, but it never works that way. So hear I am again with a quick card. which was effortless and quick. Hope you like it :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Two Gentle Souls (Quilled)

Beeing away from my hobbies for some time but I am back with another quilling of Lord Buddha. It is my immagination of Lord Buddha meditating near the river bank, with lots of flowers and beauty that can only  be found in a forest.  The little deer brings some berries as offering to the lord.

The bits of quilling I used for the body of the Buddha and deer is extreamly small and is made of 1/8" strips. The tree, the robes and the flowers too are of 1/8" strips. The back ground was painted useing oil paint but the trees are quilled with 1/16 " strips useing Susans honey comb method. Will be back soon :D