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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Peacock and hen in the wilds

I love quilling peacocks. It is a challenge cause it is not easy choosing the pattern for quilling and the colours for it. I enjoy quilling sceneries because it gives me a lot of imagination. It takes me to a different world. Sometimes your imagination can take you to beautiful places that you cannot go. It is like a dream with your eyes wide open. Quilling just a flower or a card with something does not give the pleasure as much as a beautiful scenery. It is not easy getting the picture wright. But the end result gives me a lot of satisfaction. It is always better to quill the main object separately and then find the correct place on the picture for it. Hope you like it:)

Humpty Dumpty on the wall

Humpty Dumpty was quilled for kids. Just wanted to quill something that would interest little ones. I had many people commenting on my Pooh bear saying even kids as young as three were thrilled with it. So I thought as there were plenty of quilling to interest adults, I would do more quilling for kids. My next picture too will be something that would interest kids.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Havent been up dating my blog for some time. Just thought of doing it regulaly.

My smiling Clown

My smiling Clown
Originally uploaded by anastasiaw2008
This is something I did for a little boy in mind. I did not expect it to turn out the way it did. I am really proud of it. As usual the quilling method is my own and not the traditional quilling. I had so many clocks that were out of order. It happens that I never through out anything as junk without thinking many times of how I could make use f it. And this is where the clocks came in handy. I made use of it as the frame for my clown. Now all my quilling friends are out looking for old clocks:)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pooh and Piglet dancing

One of my favourite quillings. Although the quilling did not take time the background picture took some time cause getting the correct idea for the back ground needed a lot of thinking. Piglets face had to be quilled 5 times before I settled for this. The entire picture is quilles with 1/8" strips cut from A4 coloured paper. And the quilling is not the traditional method. It is all my own style