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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lord Budda in Paper Quilling

Quilling a Buddha image was on my mind for some time, but it was nothing like this. I wanted to quill "Laughing Buddha".But each time I started or thought of quilling it my inner self stopped me from doing it. May be because I am a Catholic and I respect  the religion I am in and I equally respect all religions, I did not think it was very respectful to quill Lord Buddha with a big stomach and a grin from yer to yer and something stops me from doing it. Mysteriously I happened to come across this image in the news paper as if it said quill me, and I started on it immediately. If you think it is nice, credit is not to my ability but something inside me that  guided to get it wright. Looking at the robes I really am amazed that it came out beautiful. Wanted to try the same method on the face, but was scared that I might spoil the features. Hope you would like it. Happy quilling till I think of something new. Take care :)


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Creative Quilling - Fancy Peacock

Hi friends and visitors, hear I am again with a new quilling. My 1st for the month of February. Peacocks are always my favourite bird as long as they don't open their mouth :D. They have such an ugly voice. May be God made them like that cause they are so proud. The horse was not given horns  too because they are so proud. Any way I have quilled many peacocks and this one is another addition. Batik decorations are famous in my country (Sri Lanka). This quilling is an inspiration I got from one of them. I like to use very bright colours as it attracts and get more attention :)
Hope you like it. Keep on visiting my blog, I will be back soon with some thing new. Take care and happy quilling