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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snowy my little white man:)

Could not put my quillings away and get along with other work that comes along with the holiday season. There was a 8 hour power cut and could not get other work going so I sat to do another card and this is the result. As usual the strips for the quillings are all 1/8" cut from coloured A4 paper. I  always love bright colours in my pictures, but I had to limit it for this one. It had to be more white to get the snowy effect. Snowman is done with 3 tight rolls, a tiny gold bell made of gold paper. I always love a scenery at the back ground. It is much nicer than only a tree and a Snowman as I love to look at my picture and imagine was there. The snow on the ground is regiform powder and the grass is saw dust coloured in green. Hope you like it:)

The card on top is before I added the frame and droping snow. I think you would like to get a clearer picture to find out how it is done.