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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quilling My way

Quilling is a hobby I started about 3 years back. I never new what quilling was and had not seen anything quilled either. I spend a lot of time in the arts and craft section in bookstores, when I get a chance. I buy a lot of craft books too. I just saw this book. It was a very small book. I went through the pages but was not very interested in it. There was a picture of a quilled rat. I left the book on the shelf and forgot all about it. Then one day when I was bored with all my other handcrafts the picture of this paper rat flashed across my mind. I was determined to try out this though I did not know how it was done. I knew it was done with a strip of paper. I started cutting 1/8" of strips and started rolling them and trying to get some shape into them. I tried for days. After sometime I got the art of it but there was no picture or instructions for me so I started my own way of quilling. I made my own tools and did it my way. I am so glad that there was no book or picture to go through cause if I had seen them my quilling patterns would have been common and I would not have quilled the way I do now. The framed picture "Lady in the garden" was my very first quilling. It was a year ago that I got interested in a computer. I never knew how to operate it. I only knew the keyboard as I studied
stenography long ago. My son is an IT man but horrible in teaching me. I googled and found out how to do many things on the computer. I got to know many quilling sites, Blogs, links and friends on Internet. Many of them like my work and it makes me happy they like my style.

I quill with 1/8" paper strips only. And the papers are all A4 coloured typing paper. Sometimes I colour the paper for dark colors. The pictures I do are all my imagination and not copied from anyone or anywhere