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Monday, April 17, 2017

How to create quilled designs with a multiple designer tool

 sprig of leaves created with the tool
20 pins are supplied with the board. The size of the leaf can be changed by the row you select to insert the pins. The size of each leaf on the sprig will be the size of the gap between the two rows .
 To create a sprig of leaves with a single strip of paper follow this method. You need do have uneven numbers of pins on a side. Here I have used 11 pins on each side. Pass the strip of paper the way I have shown. It is the same as my previous tutorial. Here I am showing you how to use this board.

Remember to use a pin to use glue to paste one side only like shown in the picture on the left side of the row of pins
When you feel the long strip on the left is glued well,very gently take it out.

It will look like the picture here
 Here you should remember that there are uneven number of petals. So one side should have one extra.

Very gently push onside up and the other side down. With a few practices you should get it wright
 Now fold it from the center of the point that the leaves divide to the opposite directions

glue the center, and you have a sprig of leaves
These are a few that can be created in this method.

  I don't really know what this  board is called or who is the manufacturer. I found this item when surfing for online purchases and I ordered it. May be you can look for quilling tools. It is a small plastic board about 4'' by 4'' and comes with 20 pins to fit the holes.

I will be posting more designs created on this when I have invented by experimenting. So till I am back try to surf and see if you can find this board . I ordered it from Ali Express