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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Quilled Red Rooster

Been a bit bored with quilling and went on to some of my other hobbies, but could not keep away from quilling for long. On a visit to China I was fascinated with the art of Chinese paper cuttings . many times I wanted to try it, but their was no motivation for it. so I decided I would quill it instead. I choose to do it in red on white background. I have not surfed the net, to find out why they do it in red and white, but I think they may have a reason for it .I had no reason what so ever but did it in these to colours cause I liked the colour combination : ). The design is what came into my head as I was quilling it. The idea came from a design of a rooster, in paper art. But I made changes to suite my quilling. Hope you like it