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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lord of the Jungle (paper quilled Lion)

              In keeping with my promise to do at lest, two projects for the month, I just completed my 2nd quilling for the month of  February. It was my idea to do a lion with a landscape background but had to do with only the head as I ran short of red brown paper. You quillers may know how difficult it is to find shades of brown. But I think this would do as hanging on to a particular quilling for long gets bored and you feel like dumping it off. Now I may stop quilling for a while for a break & consider another hobby. Some times I wonder if it is a waste of time, as all my quillings are piling up in a box. May be I should start a business :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Meet My Sweet Little Valantine (Quilled)

First of all I would like to wish all of you followers,visitors and friends who never fail to visit my Blog and leave all those lovely comments, a very happy Valentines Day. Hope you have a romantic day with your valentine :)
Valentine's day is special for all who love one another. So why not Kitty and Doggy ? They are so in love. The inspiration for this quilling is from an embroidery design I found on the web. I never like to do cards cause all my valuable time and effort would end in some dust bin. I do wall hangings as it may end up on a wall or in a place of respect ( lol) at least for a while.
Read a lot on blogs and facebook of quillers steeling other quillers designs and pretending, it to be their brain wave. Creating a quilled picture is nerve racking and only the original designer goes through all of it. Doing a copy is easy as the picture is there for an idea. So please make use of the idea but don't duplicate. Try doing your own pictures. You may fail at first but keep on practising and you would be a master of it.
Happy quilling friends, till I think of something new :)