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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rosary made by me

This is nothing to do with quilling, but it is very precious to me cause I made it myself. Lost my rosary while I was on a tour in UK this month. I treasured it,  as it was given to me by a relative who brought it from the Vatican city and is not living now. She died of cancer a few years back. I try reciting the rosary at least once a day and not having it, was a great loss to me. What ever rosary I tried buying, did not satisfy me, so I decided to make my own rosary.

My brother gifted me a chain of ivory beads about 30 years back. I never used it as I do not where bead chains, but kept it. The beads are carved like little round roses. This was ideal for my rosary. All the loops and rings are designed with copper wire, so it would match the ivory colour of the beads.

So hear I add another new item to my craft collection. But look out a new quilling is on the way. Till then happy crafting friends