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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Card 2010

          This is dedicated to all of you, who visit my blog during this festive season. This card is 6 1/2x8" in size. Santa was a bit time taking as it is only 2". The length of a strip I used for Santa was just 1" each. I used a lace cut design to make it more nice. So this is going to be my last project for this year. I would not have made this card too if I was not ordered to rest. Come down with chickenpox and compelled to rest. As I am not a person who could lie on bed idle, I started this card and I feel it came out to my satisfaction.
          Enjoy the festive season  and don't forget the joy of Christmas is in good will and sharing. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a bright and prosperous 2011

My 4 favourite Ladies

Wanted to have all my ladies together so you could have a better look at how I quilled them. They are all quilled with 1/8" strips of A4 coloured paper. Hope you like them

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas fiery

Since Christmas is around the corner and everyone are getting into the festive mood, I wanted to do something to match the festive season and this was the outcome This is my first 3d fiery and I am very happy the way it turned out. It reminds me of the girl in Avatar. Since the 1st attempt came out ok, I think I will try out more of these:)

Poinsettia are flowers, that are popular with Christmas, and red green yellow are the colours in use. So I did it to match the theme. The picture is 10"x12" and the strips I used are 1/8", cut from A4 coloured paper. This would be my last quilling for this year as December is a busy month with plenty of work and activities and I am off to Australia to spend a few weeks with my daughter which I am eagerly looking forward to. Hope to do a lot of "craft tools" shopping while I am there. Wish you all a happy  festive season :D

A little more details about my quilling technique in the fiery:-
 I am obsessed of getting things perfect as far as possible in what ever I do. Be it quilling,cooking,house keeping or whatever craft. I try out things I see even if I do not know how to, in my own way by experimenting over and over. Sometimes skipping meals and breaking rest till I get it wright. As I have mentioned before, quilling too was something I did with out knowing how to, or seeing one. So it is different to the traditional way. The hands and legs of the fiery was made with tight rolls. I made many hands and legs cause it kept on coming off when I pushed it out to get the shape. But I got it after several attempts. After I pushed it out to get the length I needed, very very gently and patiently I bent it to shape. This was the most trickiest part of the fiery. But I loved the way it shaped at the end. You have to have patience and 100% concentration to get any project well done. There is no wire inside the hands or legs to shape it. The entire picture is done only with strips of paper