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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Graphic Quilling of "Navanari Kunnaraya"

Navanari Kunna Raya - decorative elements of the Kandyan period

The history of Sri Lanka begins around 30,000 years ago when the island was first inhabited. Chronicles, including the Mahavamsa, the Dipavamsa, the Culavamsa and the Rajavaliya, record events from the beginnings of the Sinhalese monarchy in the 6th century BC; through the arrival of European Colonialists in the 16th century; and to the disestablishment of the monarchy in 1815. Some mentions of the country are found in the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the books of Gautama Buddha's teachings. Buddhism was introduced in the 3rd century BC by Arahat Mahinda (son of the Indian emperor Ashoka the Great).

From the 16th century, some coastal areas of the country were ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. Sri Lanka was ruled by 181 kings from the Anuradhapura to Kandy periods. [1] After 1815 the entire nation was under British colonial rule and armed uprisings against the British took place in the 1818 Uva Rebellion and the 1848 Matale Rebellion. Independence was finally granted in 1948 but the country remained a Dominion of the British Empire.

A little bit about my country taken from  "History of Sri Lanka - WIKIPEDIA" in order to understand my picture. For centuries starting from the stone age people have been artist in my country. This picture was a painting done by artists in the 16th century during the reign of our last king known as the Kandyan Period. It is formed by 9 women to the shape of an elephant. I did it in quilling. Hope you enjoy it without a head ace cause I had one when I was quilling it .lol.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quilling with Comb - More ideas

A few more ideas of quilling with comb. The design in the 8th window of the top collage too is done with part of the hair brush comb. When the comb brush was split in two, the top of it  had 5 teeth on top and one about 3cm below the third tooth. It came in handy to create a design like the one in the bottom last window and the one above it (5 petal design at the bottom of the 6th window)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Quilling with Comb - More ideas

More ideas on quilling with a comb. I need to repeat , may be you are doing it this way, but what I demonstrate is how I do it, and to teach others who may not know it as yet. I don't think I need to explain how to do it as I have taken clear pictures of details on how to do it step by step. No one has complained that they did not understand my previous tutorials, So I assume all understood it and will be able to follow these too. 1 to 6 in the above picture shows how to create the design on  7. This can be used in what ever way you like in a project.  In the collage below with 4 pics , you can coil a strip of paper the way I have shown and insert it in the centre of the completed  picture above  and create another design. If you glue a strip around it, you find a third design (2nd box below). There is no limit, if you try. The third quilling in the picture can create the bottom design in the 4th box. Hope you understand and will waite for your comments. Happy quilling friends :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quilling leaves with comb part 2

 This is part two of how to quill a sprig of leaves with a comb. Most people don't have the hair brush that I did the earlier quilling but a comb any one would have. You don't need special combs for it. Any comb would do. I have used a very large comb so the instructions would be very clear to follow, but I have many combs to quill with. The fine tooth comb is best to get the leaves very close. I have shown the small sprig that I quilled with the fine tooth comb.

I have also shown how to cut strips of paper with a plastic ruler. If you draw a line on the ruler to the desired size you normally use for quilling and then align it on the edge of the paper(THE WAY I HAVE SHOWN), instead of how we normally cut the paper leaving the strip to be cut off, you can cut even strips with out wasting time marking on the paper. Hope you got it :).

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quilling Ideas for a sprig of leaves useing a comb

 This time I have decided to show you how I quill leaves for various projects. When a landscape quilling is done, you need different types of leaves  to make the picture look realistic. This is one of my filler leaves. You may be using it too but there may be many who do not know and would like to learn how to do it.

You can do it with a comb, but hear I have used a plastic hair brush, used to tint hair(I have used a tint brush that comes with LOREAL hair tint product) . It is like the brush in pic.1. I have cut it in two as it is easy to twist the paper. Pic.2 shows how to pass it through the teeth in a zig zag pattern. Pic.3 shows, how to apply glue, so you could paste the strip of paper.4 is how the strip is turned round and glued.5 shows that you should press it hard till it is well pasted.  6. shows how the glued back looks. It should be very neat and well adjusted. When it is dry take it out, and it should look like pic.7. In 8 you should press down and flatten the glued strip.
Now make another one in the same manner. Glue both parts to look like pic.11.

You can use  it to fill in flower baskets and any other projects that need leaves.    You can also glue all the petals the way I have shown in pic 10 and create another leaf design, like  the 2nd one in the picture below. I will try to show you more designs created with combs as and when possible.  Add a comment hear if you need any help :)