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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quilling leaves with comb part 2

 This is part two of how to quill a sprig of leaves with a comb. Most people don't have the hair brush that I did the earlier quilling but a comb any one would have. You don't need special combs for it. Any comb would do. I have used a very large comb so the instructions would be very clear to follow, but I have many combs to quill with. The fine tooth comb is best to get the leaves very close. I have shown the small sprig that I quilled with the fine tooth comb.

I have also shown how to cut strips of paper with a plastic ruler. If you draw a line on the ruler to the desired size you normally use for quilling and then align it on the edge of the paper(THE WAY I HAVE SHOWN), instead of how we normally cut the paper leaving the strip to be cut off, you can cut even strips with out wasting time marking on the paper. Hope you got it :).

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