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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quilled Zodiac sign "Piscec"

Since Susan from "Susan Quilling Card" introduced the beehive method of quilling, many quilling friends have never stopped using it in various projects. It so happens that I myself have fallen head over heels in love with it and cannot stop experimenting this with any strip of paper. This quillin too was an idea that I got while playing around with the beehive method. I have used it to fill up the head area, and the body with a honey comb design. This is my zodiac sign and I have been thinking of quilling the two fishes for some time. Wanted it to be different from the other designs. I found the heart shape on the Internet and designed it the way I wanted it. Wanted it to look a bit romantic too :D So hear it is my latest, with the boy fish about to kiss the girl fish with their tales twisted around each other Doesn't it look romantic?? he..he..
 Will be back with another soon. Take care and bye till then

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wood Art in Quilling

Many Asian, use decorative furniture in their houses, and these come from Burma most of the time. These Teak furniture are full of machine cut designs of flowers,birds animals etc. Since I have still not decided on my next quilling and I hate not quilling, thought I would do a quilling of a coffee table top. Be it big or small I take my quilling seriously. So hear I am with a simple design which I spent more time designing than quilling. I hope to start on another quilling soon but what is it going to be is still a blank. May be I will get away from quilling to one of my other hobbies for a while :D

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dora The Explorer - Quilled

Happy New Year to all my visitors and flowers.. You gave me great support last year by commenting on my pictures and visiting my blog. My visitors flag counter, shows visitors from 120 countries and visitors are nearly 40,000. I believe I give you something of interest and I would continue to do so this year too. I may not create a lot, but will bring you something of interest. Hoping I could do at least 2 projects for a month.

So this is my first project for 2012. I love kids stories. It takes me to the wonder land of kids and make me feel like one too. It brings out pictures like this in my mind and I quill them. Dora is my grand sons favourite story. Hope little kids could see it. Wishing all of you a great year friends. Will be back soon with another project. Take care
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