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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Bunny and Egg (Quilled)

In keeping with my promise to quill at least 2 pictures a month I am posting this picture. I am not very satisfied with it as I know the colour of the rabbit is not good. I very nearly threw it off but felt sorry for the poor guy and kept him back. I think the mood we are in at the moment we start a project should be pleasant for the end result to be good. Any way hear it is and hope my next one works out well :D

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Holy Cross, paper quilled

Easter is the reminder for all Christians of the great sacrifice Jesus Christ did for all of us. He was a young man of 33, who had a whole beautiful life to live as he wished. But he gave it all up, to save us from sin. The Holy Cross is the symbol of all Christians. I quilled the cross as my Easter quilling project, so that the none-christians would understand that Easter is not only the Bunny and Eggs :D. The cross is quilled with dark brown paper of 1/8" strips of paper. The flowers are not quilled. Wanted to do something a bit different. Hope you like it. Wish you all a very Happy Easter.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quilled Table Lamp

So many strips of coloured paper on my work table and a little jar of "Nestle's Smarties" gave me the idea of using all the colours in one project. The colourful sweets  made the little container look beautiful. Next I wanted a suitable picture to use all the colours and then my eyes caught this kids colouring book with this picture to paint. So hear it is my completed picture in quilling. I love the beehive quilling (INVENTED BY SUSAN FROM SUSANS' QUILLING CARDS) It is easy and quick to finish a project. It is beautiful and gives the look of  punch art embroidery when complete. Ate up quite a lot of smarties too while quilling as the sweet that went into my mouth was the colour of the strip of paper I used to quill and the colour combination came out fine. I always love to use a lot of bright colours in my work. Hope you like it. So be in touch, will be back soon with another quilling soon :D

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Painting of a Scenery

Quilling is not my only hobby though I have not done anything other than quilling during the past 3years. The background scenery was a painting I did on a wall of a indoor garden of a little restaurant.This wall was about 12 feet tall and I had to get on and off the ladder many times to paint it. The two grinning guys are the owner of it and his son. They were happy with the painting. I think I did a good job. (Does it sound like a monkey praising his tail??)
I will be back with my quilling soon :)