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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quilled Table Lamp

So many strips of coloured paper on my work table and a little jar of "Nestle's Smarties" gave me the idea of using all the colours in one project. The colourful sweets  made the little container look beautiful. Next I wanted a suitable picture to use all the colours and then my eyes caught this kids colouring book with this picture to paint. So hear it is my completed picture in quilling. I love the beehive quilling (INVENTED BY SUSAN FROM SUSANS' QUILLING CARDS) It is easy and quick to finish a project. It is beautiful and gives the look of  punch art embroidery when complete. Ate up quite a lot of smarties too while quilling as the sweet that went into my mouth was the colour of the strip of paper I used to quill and the colour combination came out fine. I always love to use a lot of bright colours in my work. Hope you like it. So be in touch, will be back soon with another quilling soon :D
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