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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quilling Ideas for a sprig of leaves useing a comb

 This time I have decided to show you how I quill leaves for various projects. When a landscape quilling is done, you need different types of leaves  to make the picture look realistic. This is one of my filler leaves. You may be using it too but there may be many who do not know and would like to learn how to do it.

You can do it with a comb, but hear I have used a plastic hair brush, used to tint hair(I have used a tint brush that comes with LOREAL hair tint product) . It is like the brush in pic.1. I have cut it in two as it is easy to twist the paper. Pic.2 shows how to pass it through the teeth in a zig zag pattern. Pic.3 shows, how to apply glue, so you could paste the strip of paper.4 is how the strip is turned round and glued.5 shows that you should press it hard till it is well pasted.  6. shows how the glued back looks. It should be very neat and well adjusted. When it is dry take it out, and it should look like pic.7. In 8 you should press down and flatten the glued strip.
Now make another one in the same manner. Glue both parts to look like pic.11.

You can use  it to fill in flower baskets and any other projects that need leaves.    You can also glue all the petals the way I have shown in pic 10 and create another leaf design, like  the 2nd one in the picture below. I will try to show you more designs created with combs as and when possible.  Add a comment hear if you need any help :)

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