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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Graphic Quilling of "Navanari Kunnaraya"

Navanari Kunna Raya - decorative elements of the Kandyan period

The history of Sri Lanka begins around 30,000 years ago when the island was first inhabited. Chronicles, including the Mahavamsa, the Dipavamsa, the Culavamsa and the Rajavaliya, record events from the beginnings of the Sinhalese monarchy in the 6th century BC; through the arrival of European Colonialists in the 16th century; and to the disestablishment of the monarchy in 1815. Some mentions of the country are found in the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the books of Gautama Buddha's teachings. Buddhism was introduced in the 3rd century BC by Arahat Mahinda (son of the Indian emperor Ashoka the Great).

From the 16th century, some coastal areas of the country were ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. Sri Lanka was ruled by 181 kings from the Anuradhapura to Kandy periods. [1] After 1815 the entire nation was under British colonial rule and armed uprisings against the British took place in the 1818 Uva Rebellion and the 1848 Matale Rebellion. Independence was finally granted in 1948 but the country remained a Dominion of the British Empire.

A little bit about my country taken from  "History of Sri Lanka - WIKIPEDIA" in order to understand my picture. For centuries starting from the stone age people have been artist in my country. This picture was a painting done by artists in the 16th century during the reign of our last king known as the Kandyan Period. It is formed by 9 women to the shape of an elephant. I did it in quilling. Hope you enjoy it without a head ace cause I had one when I was quilling it .lol.


quilled paper paradise said...

This is a wonderful Annie! Great effort and a lot of stacking of ribbons! Thank you for a little instruction from history. Hugs

Baukje said...

This is a beautiful elephant I find you beautiful work!
Greetings Baukje

Pritesh Dagur said...

Beautiful work Anastasia........and I really like it that you post the story behind the piece. It makes it so much easier to relate to the quilling done and also, makes it interesting for people who haven't met you. It is like knowing you as a person :)

Nupur said...

As always, amazing work Anatasia! I love the way you blend quilling with another art form truly giving it a new meaning. Do visit my blog at

Suman Pandit said...

I have been following you since long but have created a blog recently. You are on my Favorite Blogger list. I find your work inspiring and am grateful for your generosity in sharing your skills and ideas.
I have started a new blog, do visit whenever you have some time. I would be so happy if you join in. I hope to keep you interested in my work :)

Happy Crafting!!

ManuK said...

Amazing paper graphic, Annie! I really enjoyed reading a little bit of history, too! Thank you so much for sharing!


WhiteRacoon said...

Great job! Very precise and delicate work! Love the thin strokes on elephant legs. Very well done! Thanks for sharing!

Zoe Brener said...

This is incredibly awesome!

lovecraftingpaper said...

Thank you for explaining a little of history of your country! There's a Sinhalese restaurant here, very close to my house, so I go there sometimes, and I like what they cook, even if they don't do it too spicy as people here don't like very spicy food.
Sri Lanka must be a very interesting country! I love your quilled painting and also the fact that you reproduced an ancient painting of your culture!