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Friday, March 18, 2011

Cobra Mask

Masks in Sri Lanka are very famous for healing rituals, cultural pageants and shows. There are various masks resembling animals, birds and snakes. These are associated with the folks and religions of the ancient people of Sri Lanka and are still practised by the village folks during sicknesses they think, was caused by evil.

The masks are made of very light wood and are very brightly painted. They are hand crafted and is a cottage industry in the southern part of the country. The vibrant colours of these masks and the beauty of it made me want to try out one in quilling

This is a cobra mask which is worn to chase away  the demon from the possessed person by the man who performs and carryout the ritual.

As usual the papers are all A4 coloured, 1/8" strips. The length of each strip is only 1/2" and rolled in to equal size circles. I just don't know how many pieces I rolled, but it took me about 40 hours to complete the picture. The picture is done on 11"x 11" background cause that is the size of my frame. Next I hope to do a video of my leaves that many people are curious to know, and  is my own creation quilled my way 
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