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Friday, July 27, 2012

A Quilling tribute to the London Olympics 2012

     GODDESS ATHENA       
It is the all  important day that not only the athltes but  the entire sporting world and sporting fans were waiting for, London Olympics 2012. This is my entry to the sports theme competition in a quilling group on face book. I wanted to do something different. I love reading history and enjoy all the mythical stories and tales of all countries. Since olympics and Athens are closely connected I wanted to do a quilling  in remembrance of the past and present.
 Athena is the name of an important goddess for the Greeks. She is the patron goddess of Athens the goddess of wisdom, a goddess of arts and crafts (agriculture, navigation, spinning, weaving, and needlework), the favorite daughter of her father Zeus, and, as a war goddess with a focus on strategy more than bloodshed, an active participant in the Trojan War. She gave Athens the gift of the olive tree, providing oil, food, and wood. (article from the web)
Since the first Olympic torch is lit by the high priestess in Greece and given out to the world before any olympic games, I wanted to quill something to symbolise this. So hear is my imagination and tribute to all athletes of London olympics 2012. Good luck to all the participants
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