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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Video demonstration on quilling a flower

Today I would like to share a video tutorial on how I create this flower with a homemade tool. All you need for the tool is an eraser and 5 needles or pins. Also I have demonstrated a very easy and accurate method of doing the mount and valley fold & all you need to do it is a strp of aluminium foil. This is how I do it may be you too do this way but this tutorial is for people who do not know it :)

You can make the flowers big or small by the spacing of the three pins in the straight line. This design is suitable for earrings too. The mount and valley fold method is useful, if you don't have a crimping tool. Hope this video would be helpful to you. Have a nice day friend & happy quilling :)


Nágela said...

Very nice!
Thanks for sharing!

chillin with Quillin said...

that was very interesting, love it, as I always love the tools you make and your quilling, I think I love your quilling so much is that it's different from everyone elses and its so beautiful :)

Pily said...

Very nice and creative flower! Thank you for teach us, Annie!!!