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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quilled Rosella

This is my first craft project for 2011. Was not in a mood to get back to my craft after all the travelling and too busy trying out all the new punchers and tools that I purchased  on my way back home. Now back to my normal lonely life, where it is me my laptop and paper,paper, paper:). This picture is something that got deeply rooted in my mind while travelling through  a forest during my vacation. We were travelling at high speed and could not get a photo of it but the beautiful tree in full bloom and the multi colour parrot stuck in my memory. It might not look at all as the one I saw, but managed to quill something close to my memory. The picture is 8" X 12" and quilled with 1/8" strips of A4 coloured paper. It took me about 16 hours to complete
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