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Monday, January 31, 2011

Wood Burning/Pyrography

  • This is my very first attempt of wood burning or pyrography. I  can never rest till I have at least experimented once with what ever craft I see. If it is something I would fancy then I attempt doing it again. If I don't, I just forget about it. I wanted something new to refresh myself. Quite a bit bored with quilling. Saw this piece of wood which is only 3"X7" lying a side and thought why not try pyrography. I do not think it is the appropriate wood but tried on it. The bout did not burned into the wood quickly so this is not the wood for it. Anyway I will look for the proper one before I try again. The bird is one of many that appears in the flags of our ancient kings. We had many kings ruling our country for years and they each had their own flags with fancy birds and animals.This creation of mine  does not look very nice, but I will excuse myself as it is my first attempt, Anyway thought of sharing it with you. It is left to you to judge

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