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Monday, September 19, 2011

Special Greeting Cards

These two cards were made with  left over strips and  goes into my collection of hand made cards. So many quilled cards and pictures. What am I going to do with them? Most of my cards are experiment quilling designs. I have used only 18" strips of paper. Even for the bunch of blue fringed flowers. There are 9 little flowers in the bunch. Did not take much time to do the cards. It is to make use of my free time till I think of something special to do. Hope to come up with something different soon ;)


Love crafts forever said...

They are both beautiful. It's always nice to have free time to craft.
Hugs Nataliya

Nágela said...

Very cute and creative. You always surprise me with beautiful creations.

SUGANTHI said...

Lovely Annie.!!

kiddo said...

Lovely both cards! The second looks so delicate!

Lekha justin said...

very beautifulflowers anae ma' it..

Lekha justin said...

very beautifulflowers anae ma' it..

Lekha justin said...

very beautifulflowers anae ma' it..

Molly Smith said...

Until you think of something special to do? Oh my goodness, Annie! These cards look very special to me. I adore both of them and the designs are wonderful! Give your completed cards to friends - they will cherish them :) as always, I love the bright colors you use! Beautiful :)

jayakarthik said...

love all the quill work u have done.
loved the paper dolls too, black work was wonderful to look at, also loved the punch needle work.
I was looking for punch needle work and thts how i ended up in ur wonderful website.
real treat for my eyes.
thank you for sharing.
keep updating

Paula said...

Your works are incredible! Congratulations!

Sathya said...

Loved the way u did the leaves..Always ur works are lovely.