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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Crazy Quilling :)

I called this crazy quilling. I saw a beautiful picture of a wall hanging in one of the quilling books I went through at the annual book show this year. It was a  very creative paper art. Now I know that this is called  multi scrolls, the name I found out very recently on face book. Did not know how exactly it was done but being a person who never gives up till I find out how it is done, I experimented with many strips pasted together till I mastered it and went on none stop, thrilled that I got the art correct.

This Picture was not planed at all. I kept on pasting what ever I made till I got this picture. Makes me really laugh cause the very first comment I got on face book was "beautiful onions".I think the name fit. Now you are raking your brains to think where on earth I got those colours :). Since I was only experimenting, I did not want to waste my strips of paper. So I cut a magazine which had very colourful pictures into 1/16 inch strips and made these scrolls and it really came out fine. Now may be I will use up all the pages for quilling. In case some of you may not know the method, it isn't difficult. Paste about 10 to 15 strips together at both ends and roll up one end. You would get a lovely shape. Try it. It is fun. Good luck and happy quilling till I come up with another quilling :D
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